This Stormcloak camp is located in The Rift. It is involved in the Civil War, depending on the questline chosen by the Dragonborn. The camp itself is run by Gonnar Oath-Giver, and has several unnamed Stormcloak soldiers under his command.



  • If not already done so, viewing the tabletop map will lead to new map data being learned.
  • After winning the Civil War for the Imperials, the Camp captain can't be killed, as he was an important character for the story line. The Stormcloaks aren't hostile at first sight and will warn before attacking. This happens with every Stormcloak camp as well.
  • Also, in the nearby Nirnroot farm owned by Avrusa Sarethi, a lone female Riften Guard killed an Imperial Soldier, and, if the Dragonborn chooses to kill her, he or she will earn a 1000 septim bounty, as the Riften Guards are still the Law Enforcers in The Rift.


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