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Riften is a city in the The Rift region of Skyrim. It is Skyrim's trading hub.

The Rift is bordered by Morrowind to the east, Cyrodiil to the south, and the region of Eastmarch to the north, making Riften—the Rift's largest city—a prime location for trade. It offers a busy marketplace and port to Ebonheart Pact visitors from near and far.

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  • Compared to its a thousand of years old version during the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Online's Riften seems bigger and roomier, with some buildings yet not constructed.
    • Online's docks were smaller, giving space to the improved Riften Fishery and Riften Warehouse during the events of Skyrim.
    • A thousand of years before The Scorched Hammer, a blacksmith still worked in place, though in a more open, bigger place.
    • Also, a thousand of years before The Bee and Barb, The Withered Tree, another inn, worked in place.
    • The Black-Briar Meadery, seen during Skyrim, took the place of the bank.
    • Always around the well, the famous Riften Marketplace significantly decreased, being set with enormous tents during the events of Online.
    • The Fighters Guild was still present during Online's province of Skyrim, and occupied basically half of the area that would be occupied by Mistveil Keep, as seen during the events of Skyrim, when the guild wasn't present in the province anymore.
    • The Mages Guild occupied the same area the Temple of Mara would occupy a thousand of years later, when the guild ceased to exist.
    • No places or rooms, like the Ratway, can be found in Riften's underground during Online, making all of its residents living in the houses by ground level.
    • Riften stables used to be located outside the eastern wall during Online.
    • Though looking bigger, during the events of Skyrim it seems a major redesign of the city walls happened in between the ages, expanding the city.

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