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Elder Scrolls

Riften Fishery is a business structure that is located just outside Riften with access through the western exit to Skyrim.


The structure has two entrances, both locked during the night (Adept level lock), and there are a number of fish barrels that can be looted freely or stolen from.

The Riften Fishery is owned by Bolli, and it is the center of all fishing in and around Riften. Inside, several sections of the floor have been removed, allowing direct access to a salmon hatchery where the cellar used to be. The fishery also serves as a general cleaning, storing, and processing area for all the fish that are caught on Lake Honrich. Most of the people who work in the fishery reside at Haelga's Bunkhouse.

There are also dock workers wandering around Riften, who will talk about the Riften Fishery, stating their opinions on their jobs.