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Riften Marketplace is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and it is the central area of Riften.


There are a number of small stalls set up that sell items during the day. There are four stalls in the center (though one becomes inactive after the quest "A Chance Arrangement") and Marise's stall is next to the Bee and Barb. A few feet west of the stalls is the Riften blacksmith's workstation.

At night, the stalls are packed closed and locked. Several beggars live here as well on bedrolls off to the sides of the plaza in a thicket of trees. They are too weak to handle life in The Ratway, so they huddle here or in Beggar's Row instead.



Name Service Wares
Brand-Shei General Store Vendor Weapons, Apparel, Potions
Marise Aravel General Store Vendor Apparel, Food, Ingredients
Grelka General Store Vendor Weapons, Apparel, Potions, Food
Madesi Jeweler Apparel, Misc

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