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Rigel Strong-Arm is a bandit leader encountered at Pinewatch. Along with her fellow bandits, they have inhabited Pinewatch and the caverns beneath the farm. She may ambush the Dragonborn in the cavern system if she detects them.


Her father asked her to join the military, reasoning that people would begin to notice the missing caravans that she has been raiding, and that she will eventually be caught. He also tells her to stop sending him money.[1]

She replied via a letter, in which she claims that she will not join the Stormcloaks as they do not pay enough and she does not like the Imperial Legion.[2]


Silver Lining[]

The Dragonborn must retrieve a silver mold from a group of bandits in Pinewatch that she leads. The Dragonborn can take the Pinewatch Treasure Room Key from her body.



  • She has placed several traps near her treasure room to keep the bandits from breaking into it. Dead bodies of those who tried to break in can be found near these traps.[3]
  • Rigel is often found asleep in her room deep within Pinewatch, having hung up several bone chimes to warn her of any intruders. With a high Sneak skill, these chimes can be bypassed to pickpocket the keys off Rigel, leaving her alone, asleep, and very vulnerable to sneak attacks.
  • If left alive, she may be encountered later on the road; she will become hostile and attack.
  • Her appearance and race may vary between playthroughs; however, her gender does not.