Right Eye of the Falmer is a miscellaneous item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Right Eye of the Falmer, as well as the Left Eye, can be looted off Mercer Frey during the Thieves Guild quest "Blindsighted." The massive jewel is, as it is called, the right eye of one of the only known statues of the Falmer, before their bodies were warped by the treachery of the Dwemer.

It is a highly valuable miscellaneous item just like its counterpart. Besides the name, the difference between the two is that the Right Eye is not a quest item and can be sold, dropped, or used as decoration for the player's house.

However, after the Left Eye has been returned, it can still be stolen back from The Ragged Flagon - Cistern and any of the special items such as the Honningbrew Decanter, Dwemer Puzzle Cube, Jeweled Candle Stick and Bust of the Gray Fox. They are located in the central room, east side, behind the desk with the guild Ledger.

Sometimes when the eyes are sold to a shop merchant, it may stay in their store inventory and will not clear out.



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