Not to be confused with Rigmor Halfhand.

Rigmor is a Nord who can be found in the Roxey Inn. She is a mercenary working for Claude Maric, and has three accomplices. Like her men, she wears unenchanted Heavy Armor, except for the helmet, which is enchanted.

If her corpse is looted, there will be a note addressed to her from Claude, asking her to set up camp somewhere where she will not be found, and cautions her that "Umbacano is trying to cheat us again." He also tells her not to enter an unspecified Ayleid ruin until he says to—probably Malada—and mentions the Khajiit mercenary also found in the inn.


Nothing You Can PossessEdit

She and her men remain at the Inn until this quest is activated, whereupon she travels to the ruins of Malada to assist Claude Maric.


Nothing You Can Possess

"What can I do for you?"

Malada "Beautiful countryside, don't you think? We're just doing a bit of hunting and sightseeing, not that it's any of your business."

If Maric is given the panel:

"It was even easier than Maric promised. Push off."


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