"It is the busiest season of the year in Rihad, and the palace's audience chamber is filled with area farmers discussing their harvest with Queen Blubamka. Many linger in the room after their business is through, procrastinating the return to the burning field work. They seem to be talking mostly about Rihad suddenly being at war with its nearest neighbor, Taneth, and how this will change trade throughout the province."
―Text box in The Elder Scrolls: Arena

Rihad is a port city at the southern edge of Hammerfell, just north of its border with Cyrodiil. It is located on the coast of the Abecean Sea, on the main road between Anvil and Taneth. The Brena River flows into the Abecean Sea just south of the city. Rihad was once home to a gladiatorial team called the Bane. It is one of several possible locations that the Eternal Champion may discover in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

The city's population is an eclectic mix of Redguard Forebears, survivors of the Yokuda Ra Gada, followers of Satakal, a few Bretons, and warriors-in-training from all over the empire. Buildings in the city with its high domes, the flying dew sails, and the mosaic colophons were constructed over the old and new ruins of past civilizations. In 3E 253, armies of Taneth and Rihad were defeated in the Battle of Dragontooth by the Camoran Usurper, leading to the fall of southern Hammerfell. The ruler of Rihad by the time of the Imperial Simulacrum was Queen Blubamka. During that time period, Rihad was, furthermore, at war with its nearest neighboring city-state, Taneth.[1]

The city is the birthplace of well-known historian Destri Melarg.[2]


Points of interestEdit


All taverns and temples are functionally identical. The blacksmiths vary only in inventory.

Outside the cityEdit


Crypt entrance

North of Rihad, en route to Stonekeep is a large, unnamed crypt marked with a red box on the local map. It contains two levels and randomly generated creatures and loot.




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