"This one wishes she never came to this land of pretension and overbearing ordinances. Who knew there could be so many rules! Makes me want to drink my stock dry, but then what would Riharai sell?"

Riharai is a Khajiit brewer working at the Anchors Aweigh Inn in the city of Shimmerene, Summerset.


  • "This one despises this land of pompous snobs, with all their rules of conformance and pretentious attitudes! Forgive, Riharai, but this one doesn't often see a customer who isn't a self-important High Elf. I'll make sure you get my special brew."
  • "Queen Ayrenn promised we'd fall in love with the sky and the sea! She said that her people would be kind and accepting! This one hasn't heard that many lies since she watched a performance by the House of Reveries! Sorry, sorry. Just feeling down."


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