"I'm Rimalus Bruiant. Perhaps you've met my wife, Rena? And our dogs, Bailey and Kezu?"
―Rimalus Bruiant[src]

Rimalus Bruiant quote

Rimalus Bruiant is an Imperial noble living with his wife, Rena Bruiant in their home within the city of Chorrol. The couple also has two dogs, Bailey and Kezune. If the Hero asks the people living in Chorrol about rumors, someone will mention the Bruaint family and their dogs, though there is no quest related to the Bruiants and they have little importance in the game.


  • "Rena and I moved to Chorrol so we could have a nice, comfortable home for our dogs. It's a lovely town. And our dogs are so happy here."


  • There is a glitch where Rimalus will assault his dogs or even his wife. This will happen if the Hero breaks into their house or it may even happen out in the streets. Rimalus seems to have been forgotten and does not belong to the Bruiant faction even if he is a member of the family. This is the reason he may attack his family.


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