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Ring of Dahrk Mezalf is a unique ring located within the Dwemer Ruins of Bthungthumz in the Ashlands region. It is enchanted with Destruction and Illusion effects that lower an opponent's ability and willingness to engage in combat.


All effects are in a 1-foot radius on target:


Dahrk MezalfEdit

Baladas Demnevanni at Arvs-Drelen in Gnisis sends the Nerevarine on a quest to retrieve this ring on behalf of House Telvanni. At the Bthungthumz ruins, the Dwarven Spectre of Dahrk Mezalf himself guards the ring.


The Nerevarine can acquire the ring without being sent on the aforementioned quest. Regardless, Dahrk Mezalf's soul should be captured during the confrontation, as it is powerful enough to be used for a constant effect enchantment. If the Nerevarine is on the quest and chooses to forfeit completion keeping the ring, an opportunity to be rewarded with a Dwemer Shock Centurion and leveled jewelry is lost.


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