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Ring of Pure Mixtures

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The '''Ring of Pure Mixtures''' is a [[Quest Items (Skyrim)|quest item]] in {{Skyrim}}.
The Ring of Pure Mixtures is a rare artifact that [[Frida]]'s husband, the previous owner of the shop [[The Mortar and Pestle]], had searched for many years before dying without ever having found it.
*[[Forsaken Cave]]
*[[Hillgrund's Tomb]]
*Miscellaneous Quest: Retrieve the Ring of Pure Mixtures for Frida.
*If the [[Merchant (Perk)|Merchant]] perk has been obtained when the ring is delivered to Frida, it will appear in her shop inventory, available for purchase. Alternatively, the Merchant perk can be purchased afterward, and the ring will then appear. If the Merchant perk is not available due to the [[Speech]] skill being too low, or cannot be obtained due to lack of available perk points, then it can only otherwise be obtained by either [[pickpocket]]ing it from her, or killing her and looting it from her corpse. Pickpocketing or corpse looting this item, however, will result in it being permanently tagged as stolen, even after being sold and repurchased from a [[Fence (Skyrim)|fence]].
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