The Ring of Pure Mixtures is a quest item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Ring of Pure Mixtures is a ring that gives +12% to potions. It is at the end of the Forsaken Cave and part of a side quest given by Frida, the owner of The Mortar and Pestle in Dawnstar.


  • Miscellaneous Quest: Retrieve the Ring of Pure Mixtures for Frida


  • Once the ring has been returned to Frida it may automatically appears in her shop inventory, available for purchase for around 750 gold. If the ring is not in her inventory, it can stil be obtained by either pickpocketing it from her, or killing her and looting it from her corpse.
  • The location Frida sends you to is also used in the quest given to you by Nurelion.


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