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Rings are apparel worn on the fingers. Although some have unique names, most are named after the material they are made from and the type of gem adorning them. They may also have a suffix indicating they have been enchanted with one or more effects.


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Rings are the only form of jewelry found in the game, and only one can be worn at a time. Each one gives the Soul of Conflict a specific boost to their abilities.


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A maximum of two rings may be equipped at any time, though never two identical rings. Rings generally cannot be seen with gauntlets equipped.


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Only one ring can be worn at a time, and it is visible even with gauntlets equipped. Generic rings provide no armor, and do not serve any function other than for appearance. However, rings can be enchanted and provide a lightweight advantage.


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A maximum of two rings can be worn at a time. Rings obtained as loot drops may be unmagical vendor fare; however, some rings may have magical properties and boost one or more of the character's attributes.


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A maximum of two rings can be worn at a time. Rings provide no armor, but they will always have either a main enchantment or a bonus enchantment, which support the user. They can be crafted, found in (loot) chests, or bought. Any enchantments are not revealed until after purchase or crafting. Bonus enchantments are random and some can be added when applying a main enchantment increasing its tier even more (tiers are mainly aesthetic for rings and only mark monetary value and number of enchantments).