"Lord Graddock, ruler of Reich Gradkeep, acted as concilator between Sentinel and Daggerfall, and eventually convinced both monarchs to meet and make peace."
Fav'te's War of Betony[src]

The Riot in Reich Gradkeep was a battle between the city-states of Daggerfall and Sentinel in 3E 404, in Reich Gradkeep.

The riot began as negotiations between the two warring city-states, as Lord Graddock convinced them to try to create a truce in the city of Reich Gradkeep. However, as the treaty was about to be signed, King Camaron became outraged and ordered his troops to riot within the city, starting a riot. Daggerfall historians claim that Camaron "realized that the proposed treaty would have included a formal declaration that the kingdoms of Sentinel and Daggerfall would share Betony, and he flew into a rage,"[1] however, Sentinel historians state that the treaty had been purposefully miswritten by Daggerfall (specifically the Arch-Priest of Kynareth Lord Vanech) in an attempt to trick Camaron into signing a different contract.[2] The entire city of Reich Gradkeep erupted into a bloodbath, with the entire royal family of the city dying, except for one sickly infant, who later died. Lord Auberon Flyte, a cousin of Lord Graddock, took control of the city after the riot, and renamed it Anticlere, in honor of the deceased royal family.[1][2]

As the riot began to die down, Sentinel's army fled to Yeorth Burrowland, with Daggerfall s army chasing them as far as the Ravennian Forest before making camp. A week later, the two armies met in the Battle of Cryngaine Field.[1][2]


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