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The Rise of Daggerfall was a significant conflict that occurred roughly 125 years after the collapse of the Alessian Empire into civil war and 102 years after the fall of the Direnni Clan. It was fought primarily between Daggerfall, and Glenpoint. The Rise of Daggerfall was largely the work of Daggerfall's expansion and King Thagore's, King of Daggerfall, ambition.

Securing Supremacy[edit | edit source]

In the year 1E 609 the King of Daggerfall, Thagore, increases the size of Daggerfall's army and equips them with the best armor and weapons that Daggerfall's treasury could afford without going bankrupt. At this time Glenpoint, another kingdom of High Rock, was the supreme power in High Rock and had been the main power that had helped overthrow Direnni Clan and freed all of High Rock. With their large military and enormous treasury they were a big player in the politics of High Rock. Daggerfall not content to be second, challenged Glenpoint through a series of raids and ambushes, trying to lure Glenpoint to war.

It worked and Glenpoint declared war on Daggerfall. After several major defeats their forces retreated back to Glenpoint. Several days later the armies of Daggerfall besieged Glenpoint. After a siege of thirty days, for Glenpoint had the best fortifications, outside of the Imperial City in Cyrodiil, in all of Tamriel, Glenpoint fell to King Thagore's forces. Daggerfall with the defeat of Glenpoint became the major power in High Rock and Glenpoint stripped of its armies, wealth, nobility, and ruling family, was an impotent rump of its former self, content to sit and watch on as Daggerfall rose to become a threat to all of High Rock.

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