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"I have met Daedra and Dwemer and everything in between and I know enough to see a vampire where others would see a man."

Rising at Dawn is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Serving as the conventional means for curing vampirism, it can be obtained any time after contracting the disease and can be completed as many times as desired.


Falion in Morthal can perform a ritual to cure vampirism. He requires a filled black soul gem. I should be careful not to be Blood-Starved when I meet with him or he won't trust me enough to help.


  1. Speak to Falion
  2. Bring a filled Black Soul Gem to Morthal
  3. Meet Falion at dawn
  4. Speak to Falion
  5. Wait for Falion to complete the ritual


Falion, Morthal's thaumaturge, can help cure vampirism.

"I call upon Oblivion Realms, the home of those who are not our ancestors. Answer my plea! As in death there is new life, in Oblivion there is a beginning for that which has ended. I call forth that power! Accept the soul that we offer! As the sun ends the night, end the darkness of this soul, return life to the creature you see before you!"
―Falion, Rising at Dawn Ritual[src]

Before speaking to anyone, make sure the Dragonborn is not a stage 4 vampire or everyone will attack on sight. To remedy Stage 4, wait until night and drink the blood of a sleeping person (this no longer occurs if the Dawnguard add-on is installed).

At any point after becoming a vampire, speak to any bartender in Skyrim and hear a rumor that Falion in Morthal has been doing experiments with all sorts of undead, draugr, vampires, and the like, beginning the quest "Rising at Dawn."

A filled black soul gem is required for completing the ritual.

Travel to Morthal, north of Whiterun and find Falion's House. It is the second house past the Blacksmith. After 6pm, go in and speak to Falion, and he will recognize the Dragonborn as a vampire. Ask him what he knows about curing vampirism and he will say he can perform a ritual to remove the curse, but he will need a filled black soul gem first.

If a black soul gem is lacking, Falion has one for sale, but that can prove to be a bit cost prohibitive for some. Another good way to acquire one is to travel to Fort Snowhawk, west of Morthal as it is full of Necromancers, who frequently carry black soul gems. Once a soul gem is acquired from one necromancer, cast Soul Trap on another necromancer to fill it up to make Fort Snowhawk the one stop shop. Broken Fang Cave always has a black soul gem in the chamber with the beds. It is on top of a small shelf to the left of the arcane enchanter.

Location of summoning circle.

Return to Morthal and speak with Falion, giving him the filled black soul gem. He will tell the Dragonborn to meet him at dawn (between 4 and 6 AM) at the Summoning Stones, which is located to the North of town. Go there and meet him as he instructed, then watch him perform the ritual. Make sure to feed first, otherwise Falion will not have trust enough to help. If Falion chooses to attack or if the Dragonborn becomes a stage 4 vampire before or as Falion begins the ritual (at which point he will attack) using a calm spell (or Voice of the Emperor if they are an Imperial) will stop Falion from attacking and he will complete the ritual. The screen will fade to black, and when vision returns, the vampirism will be gone.


Rising at Dawn – VC01
ID Journal Entry
50 Falion in Morthal is rumored to have studied vampires. He might be able to cure the condition.
  • Objective 50: Speak to Falion
100 Falion in Morthal can perform a ritual to cure vampirism. He requires a filled black soul gem. I should be careful not to be Blood-Starved when I meet with him or he won't trust me enough to help.
  • Objective 100: Bring a filled Black Soul Gem to Morthal
150 Falion in Morthal can perform a ritual to cure vampirism. I need to meet him at the Black Marsh at dawn for him to perform the ritual. I should be careful not to be Blood-Starved when I meet with him or he won't trust me enough to help.
  • Objective 150: Meet Falion at dawn
  • Objective 175: Speak to Falion
  • Objective 185: Wait for Falion to complete the ritual
200 Falion in Morthal has cured me of vamprism, if I ever contract it again I should contact him.
  • Quest completed


  • If Falion's arrival at the Summoning Stones is delayed so he does not arrive before dawn, he will not perform the ritual and will keep the black soul gem. From this point on the quest will be broken and it will be unable to be completed.
  • The Summoning Stones are located north and just slightly west of Morthal on the western one of the two peninsulas north of Morthal. It can be very hard to find; it may be advisable to scout it out in the daylight ahead of time.
  • If uncertain how to get to the Summoning Stones, wait outside Falion's house until exactly 3AM, at which time Falion himself will leave for the ritual and he may then be followed.
  • This quest also cures the vampire lord condition with the Dawnguard add-on.
  • If you purchase a black soul gem from Falion using the dialogue option, it counts as a bribe.
  • If you pickpocket Falion right after handing over the black soul gem, you are able to steal it back.


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  •  PC   Upon arriving at the Summoning Stones during the Speak to Falion objective, Falion may be standing outside the circle, which will prevent continuing the objective this quest. In order to complete the objective, he must be forced into the circle, either by luring him into the circle by attacking and calming him or by nudging him little by little into the circle. Unrelenting force may also be used to push him into the circle. Once he is in the circle, speaking with Falion will trigger the next stage of the quest.
    •  PC (Fix)   Using the console (hit ~), click on Falion, use the "disable" command, then use the "enable" command.
  • If in the final stage of vampirism, the fourth stage, and Falion is told to begin the ritual, he will begin to attack. This can be corrected by running from him, feeding and then coming back.
  • If the Dragonborn becomes a stage-four vampire at the same time as the end of the ritual, they will not be cured of vampirism, will not be able to feed and will be unable to talk to Falion or any other generic characters.
  • Falion may not leave his home after starting the quest so he cannot be given the soul gem to cure the vampirism.
    • Fix: This can be solved by giving him the soul gem when he is already at the circle between 4 and 6 am.
  •  PC   PS3   After giving Falion the black soul gem, and standing on the platform he may not appear and perform the cure. The quest will say to talk to Falion, but when the dialogue options open up nothing regarding vampirism will appear.