Rising to Retainer is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Sun-in-Shadow.
  2. Ask Eoki or residents of Vos about someone wanting to sell their land.
  3. Rescue Seythen Rendo.
  4. Find out who intercepted the deed.
  5. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow about what to do next.
  6. Steal the deed back.
  7. Give the deed to Sun-in-Shadow.


Master Firuth Promotion Edit

After setting Sun-in-Shadow free Protagonist can talk with her, she will be glad for liberation and ask to speak face to face and discuss the following steps of the plan. You should go to her home, it is situated on the East of Sadrith Mora. In this dialoge she will tell she want to continue to rising to the top positions in House Telvanni.

Master Firuth wishes to buy some lands near Vos. Sun-in-Shadow is planning to help with the deal, so Firuth will promote her. You should find anybody who wants to sell the land. Argonian will inform you, that Eoki can now about Farmers who are going to do it, but you can also try to find out it by youself.

The Deal Edit

If you decide to ask Eoki he will tell about farmer Barys Rendo, who possyble will want to move out. You should travel to Vos to speak with him. Vos is situated near two wayshrines, so the travelling will be easy. The farmer will think you've arrived for Saltrice and will say they are a bit shorthanded at the moment, plus the son of the farmer Seythen has gone missing. Also Barys will tell his family used to lived in Balmora and his wine Ninave dislike the farmer way of live. You can suggest to find Seythen in exchange for selling the farm. Barys will agree and suggest starting the search from Esutanamus daedric ruins.

Esutanamus Edit

So you should go to Esutanamus. Seythen will be there alive and healthy, but unfortunatly he can't move out by himself due to Winged twilights, they soar every time he tries to escape. You should promise him to distract them so Seythen can manage to run out. After you handle twilights you can go to Barus Rendo again, he will be glad to see his son again and will say he already has made a deal with your partner. One danmer named Mertis Othren has outstripped you and introduced oneself as your partner has been able to buy the farm.

Mertis Othren Edit

You should find him. Mertis will be in his shelter in the mountains on the north-east of Vos, he will attack immediately after he see you. Defiting him and looking in his backpack you will find the letter from Master Firuth's foe, wizard Jinrisa. She had hired him to derail the deal. In his shelter you can find some ingredients and crack the safe.

Finishing the Deal Edit

You should return to Sadrith Mora and tell Sun-in-Shadow about it. She will accept this with calm and will tell it is nessesary to find the contract before the rumors about the deal will widespread. The contract is located in Naga Adepts' Hall, you should steal it.

After succesfull theft you should again return to Sun-in-Shadow, she will be glad to know everything is ok. Argonian also will say, she can't transfer the contract by herself, because it is a big disrespect, so you should do everything again. It is necessary to tell with Master Firuth and deliver the deed to him, Master won't happy you are distracting him, but he will sigh recomendation letter for Sun-in-Shadow.

After this all you should do is to return to her again and said that everything went according the plan in this case, she will thank you, the quest will end after this conversation.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon


  • If you walk into the council house and see Furith's Writ of Endorsement sitting on a chair, but no sign of how to continue to questline anywhere, go back out and look for Eoki on a dock. He should have a quest marker on him. This can happen if you pop in and out of the council chamber too early.

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