Rite of the Wolf Giver is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. Completing it allows the Nerevarine to permanently cure their lycanthropy.


  1. Read the Odd Rumor.
  2. Travel to the Altar of Thrond.
  3. Speak with Ettiene of Glenmoril Wyrd.
  4. Speak with Isobel and Fallaise.
  5. Obtain Wolfsbane Petals and Ripened Belladonna Berries.
  6. Return to Isobel and Fallaise.
  7. Speak with Ettiene.
  8. Head to the Altar of Thrond.
  9. Speak with Ettiene.
  10. Kill the Female Nord Innocent and take her heart.
  11. Speak with Etienne.
  12. Place the heart back in the Innocent's body.
  13. Speak with Etienne.
  14. Kill the werewolf.


After you become a werewolf, you may encounter notes around Solstheim containing an odd rumor: a large black raven has been seen at the Altar of Thrond, which might mean that witches have come to Solstheim. One of these notes may be found at the docks at Fort Frostmoth. Head over to the Altar of Thrond to investigate.

Once you arrive, you will see a big black raven perched at the altar. It will speak to you once approached, revealing itself to be Ettiene of Glenmoril Wyrd. She will reveal that she and her sisters have come to Solstheim to cure werewolves of their curse, and will ask if you want to be cured.

If you answer yes, you will be transported to Gloomy Cave. Ettiene will be present, along with her sisters, Isobel and Fallaise. Ettiene will tell you to speak with her sisters, as they will tell you what ingredients you will need to get to make the potion. Upon speaking to the sisters, they will tell you will need Wolfsbane Petals and Ripened Belladonna Berries.

Wolfsbane only grows at Hvitkald Peak, which is east of the Water Stone and west of The Patchwork Airship. You will require Levitate to reach the Wolfsbane, but the witches have supplied a potion for that, to that shouldn't be a problem. Alternatively, a batch of Wolfsbane Petals may be found in Lassnr's house in Skaal Village, though this will be considered stealing. Ripened Belladonna Berries may be found on Spriggans or growing outside of Nordic crypts.

Once you have the ingredients, return them to Isobel and Fallaise, and then speak with Ettiene. She will tell you to meet her at the Altar of Thrond. When you arrive, you will notice a Nord female lying on the altar. Ettiene will tell you that the Nord is only barely alive, and that you must kill her and take her heart. Do so, then speak with Ettiene again. Ettiene will infuse the heart with part of your wolf spirit. Place it back in the innocent and speak with Ettiene again. She will do the final incantations, and the innocent will rise again in wolf form.


  • Permanent cure for lycanthropy


Rite of the Wolf Giver – BM_WolfGiver
ID Journal Entry
10A large black raven has been seen at the Altar of Thrond. Some believe the bird is a sign that witches have come to Solstheim. It may be worth investigating.
  • Quest accepted
20The raven turned out to be one of the Glenmoril Witches. She offered me a cure for lycanthropy, but I turned her down.
30The raven is actually a witch of Glenmoril Wyrd in animal form. She offered to cure my lycanthropy, and I accepted. I'm off to meet her sisters, and begin the "Rite of the Wolf Giver," whatever that may be....
40The witch Ettiene told me to talk to her sisters and complete whatever errands they may give. After I have done so, I am to talk to Ettiene again.
50I must retrieve the petals of a wolsfbane flower and return them to the witch named Fallaise. Wolfsbane only grows in one place on Solstheim -- at the top of Hvitkald Peak, at the southern end of the Moesring Mountains.
60For the witch named Isobel I must collect one bunch of ripened belladonna berries. Ripened belladonna berries grow only near burial barrows and crypts, and are sometimes carried by Spriggans. Unripened berries won't do.
70I delivered the wolsfbane petals and ripened belladonna berries to the Glenmoril Witches. I must now speak with Ettiene.
80I spoke once more with the witch Ettiene. The witches will use the ingredients I gathered in their lycanthropy cure, but the most difficult steps still lie ahead. I am to meet Etienne at the Altar of Thrond to complete the Rite of the Wolf Giver.
90I met Ettiene at the Altar of Thrond. She has "acquired" an innocent to serve as a human sacrifice. If I wish to never again become a werewolf, I must kill the innocent, take the heart from its body, and give it to Ettiene.
100Ettiene bathed the innocent's heart in the potion she and her sisters had brewed, and uttered a strange incantation. I must place this Heart of the Wolf back in the body of the innocent, and then talk to Ettiene again. I am almost cured of my lycanthropy....
105I placed the Heart of the Wolf in the body of the innocent. I must now talk to Etienne.
110Ettiene muttered her final incantation. The innocent lives once more, and has been infected with my lycanthropy! I must kill this werewolf in order to rid myself of the curse once and for all.
  • Quest complete
120The werewolf innocent is dead, and my lycanthropy has been cured. I will never become a werewolf again, and am now immune from the disease.
  • Quest complete
Rite of the Wolf Giver – BM_WolfGiver_a
10I delivered the ripened belladonna berries to the witch Isobel.
  • Quest complete
The Scroll of Cure Lycanthropy – BM_Lycanthropycure
10I found a note on the body of one of the Glenmoril Witches. Apparently, there's a Scroll of Cure Lycanthropy in the witches' gloomy cave. The scroll is hidden in a hollowed-out icicle hanging from the roof of the cave. If I read the scroll, I will be instantly cured of my curse.
20I read the Scroll of the Wolf Ender and have been stripped of my curse. It's strange, but I feel will never again turn into a wolf when the sun sets, and can never again be infected with lycanthropy. Hopefully the people I meet will realize I am no longer a blood-thirsty beast....
  • Quest complete
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