Riverside Shack is a small dwelling in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It is located southwest of Windhelm, east of Gallows Rock, along the shore of the White River.


The inhabitant of this shack appears to have been ambushed and eaten by a sabre cat or bear, who now claims this remote house and charges out to attack the player on sight.

The shack contains the half-eaten remains of the owner, a tanning rack, various ingredients and a bed the Dragonborn can sleep in. Clothes of the previous owner are scattered about, and there is a stack of books on the table, most notably a Light Armor skill book called Rislav the Righteous, and The Legend of Red Eagle, which, when read, will start a quest of the same name. The Apprentice locked chest in the corner contains the Treasure Map III used in the miscellaneous quest "The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt."

Notable itemsEdit



  • The wardrobe in Riverside Shack is confirmed safe for storage; i.e. an item placed in it was still there after 40 days of in-game time.
  • The chest is not safe storage, deleting the items stored within after around 5 in game days.


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