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Riverview, alternatively called Riverside, is a two-story house in the southeast corner of Cheydinhal owned by Voranil, an Altmer.


The estate employs three servants. One is the Dunmer charwoman Tanasa Arano, another Dunmer named Tolisi Girith who acts as maid, and an Orsimer cook, Rogmesh gra-Coblug.

Voranil throws parties in Riverview nearly every night, much to the dismay of his employees, whom are paid lousily. According to Tolisi, they are made to work up to 18 hours per day.

A Nirnroot grows in a pot on the second floor. There are at least five containers of skooma in the bedroom. In the lounge area outside the bedroom are several wine racks with Tamika's West Weald Wine and Surilie Brothers Wine and a shelf full with nice silver cutlery.


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