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The Riverwood Trader is a small general goods store located in Riverwood. It is run by the siblings Camilla and Lucan Valerius. When first entering the shop, Lucan will mention that the shop was robbed recently, and the thieves stole Lucan's prized Golden Claw.

Lucan will give the Dragonborn a quest to retrieve the claw from Bleak Falls Barrow and bring it back to him in exchange for the coin from his latest shipment.

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  • After investing 500 Gold (Speech Perk) in his shop, Lucan will have a total sum of 10,000 Gold or more. After his funds are depleted, the Dragonborn can either wait for 48 hours to get him restocked or, if the game is saved, Lucan is killed and then the file is re-loaded to before he was killed, all his money and stock will be restored (works with all merchants). This is a much easier way to get rid of huge amounts of items than running around to every shop or Thieves Guild Fences. Patch 1.9 "fixed" this exploit; after installing this patch, Lucan will only have 1,250 Gold after investing in his business.
  • If Lucan is killed, his sister Camilla will take over the store.
  • If both Lucan and Camilla are killed, no one will run the store.
  • After completing The Golden Claw, the Dragonborn can marry Camilla Valerius. However, if Lucan is to be married, console commands must be used.
  • Upstairs books Songs of the Return, Vol 2, Songs of the Return, Vol 19, Songs of the Return, Vol 7 and Songs of the Return, Vol 56 can be found. However, taking them will be considered stealing, unless the Dragonborn has completed the quest "The Golden Claw."
  • Placing items in the cupboard behind the counter will cause them to show up in Lucan's inventory. Purchasing stolen items placed there will remove the stolen tag.
  • During the quest "The Golden Claw," The Riverwood Trader is open 24 hours a day. Upon completion the store will return to normal open hours.

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