For other uses, see Rjorn's Drum and Drum (Skyrim).

Rjorn's Drum is a quest item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Rjorn's DrumEdit

Giraud Gemane at the Bards College will ask the Dragonborn to track down Rjorn's Drum.


Rjorn's Drum can be found in a chest in the final room of Halldir's Cairn.


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  • Killing Halldir before he completely stands up will cause the metal gate to stay sealed without being able to acquire Rjorn's Drum at the end (reload the save before Halldir is killed and letting him get off his throne should allow the quest to be completed).
    • When the Dragonborn goes to Giraud Gemane, the dialogue changes and the Dragonborn will be able to give him the drum and receive +1 to combat skills
  • Getting the item before the quest will cause the Dragonborn not be able to start the quest or turn the item in. The item will stay in the inventory. (On Xbox 360, the stuck drum may disappear from inventory after a long time.)