Robot Arena is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. Having helped Ignatius Flaccus in his Dwemer Warbots competition, the Nerevarine is asked to investigate his recent disappearance.



After aiding and betting on the previous contest, the Nerevarine may come across Venasa Sarano by the gate to the Temple. Sarano will claim that the Arena has been closed, with the door locked and Ignatius Flaccus no where to be found. She requests that the Nerevarine investigate to see what has happened to Flaccus and his Dwemer Warbots.

Bad BattlebotsEdit

Flaccus' house will indeed be locked when the Nerevarine arrives, meaning the Nerevarine must break in to find out what is going on. Heading towards the area formerly for fighting, the Nerevarine notices that the containment field has gone, with Flaccus cowering in the cellar behind a table. He will request that the Nerevarine 'disable' his rebellious bots. Once the various Dwemer creations have been defeated, the Nerevarine may return to Flaccus to complete the quest, with the upset owner awarding them 1,000 GoldIcon.


Robot Arena – MS_BattleBots2
ID Journal Entry
1I met a woman today by the name of Venasa Sarano, an avowed fan of Ignatius Flaccus' Robot Arena. She states that the last time she went by his house, no one answered, and strange noises emanated from inside. Perhaps it's worth investigating.
  • Quest accepted
10I found Ignatius hiding in a room in his basement. His house is overrun with Dwemer battlebots, all very hostile. He says he will reward me if I can 'disable' them all for him.
20I have disabled all of the Dwemer bots, and been rewarded by Ignatius.
  • Quest complete


  • This quests serves as the second part to the "Dwemer Warbots" quest.
  • The Nerevarine will still be unable to bet on the fights, as the Arena is now closed.

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