TESIV Goblin Rock Biter

The Rock Biter Tribe was one of the many goblin clans living in Cyrodiil during the Third Era. The tribe inhabited the Timberscar Hollow, a small cave found east of the Corbolo River. In the 3E 433 the Rock Biter Tribe and their rivals, the Bloody Hand Tribe, had started a war. As a result, the area known as the Cropsford was turned into a goblin war zone.

The Hero was asked to end this war, as the goblins were endangering everyone in the area. They accomplished the deed, but their exact actions remain unknown. They could have killed the Goblin Shaman to finish the clans or steal the Totem staff of one of the tribes.


Goblin TroubleEdit

Find Barthel Gernand at Crestbridge Camp. He and his family wish to build a settlement at Cropsford, but have been unable to do so due to two warring clans of Goblins.



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