Rockmilk Cave is a cave north of Leyawiin, right behind the Water's Edge settlement. This cave is a great place to find Black bows, which will give a good profit when given to Count Marius Caro.


Rockmilk CaveEdit

The main section of the cavern with a main path branching into multiple rooms. The cavern is laden with Bandits and Marauders throughout the cavern doing battle with each other. Also, there are two dead Bandits in the first room. One is under the Rock Fall Trap. Another is on a bed to the right of the entrance.

Rockmilk HavenEdit

What seems to be the cave's living quarters is made up of several pin up tents and one command tent. In here is another fight between a bandit leader and accompanying troops against some marauders. One can choose to wait out this rumble and then kill the survivors, or simply hop off the ledge and join the fight. Or, if the Hero have invisibility, they can hop down and "alter" the outcome of the battle.

Inside the command tent is a Skill Book and a dog named Pumpkin that will only attack if you pull out your weapon. Level-dependent and enchanted weapons are also found in chests inside and immediately outside the tent.

If they bring any of the Goblin Totem Staves here the Goblins will gather outside but will never enter. Unless one attacks them and then enters, but they will mainly avoid fighting the bandits or marauders until they have the totem back in their possession.


  • The cave is an excellent place for gathering armor and weaponry, as all enemies inside usually carry high level or enchanted equipment, and will respawn after two days.
  • If looking for level-specific armor, such as Daedric or Glass when at level 20, the cave is a great place to obtain some; furthermore, one may not have to battle all the Bandits or Marauders because they tend to kill each other.


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