Rockwallow Mine is located in Stonehills. It lies a few feet to the east from the bottom of the steps leading up to Sorli's House.


Rockwallow Mine is an iron mine that is part of the Stonehills mining settlement. The mine is owned by Bryling, a Nord official who lives in Solitude. The mine is overseen by Pactur, and is worked by Jesper, Teeba-Ei, Gestur Rockbreaker, and Swanhvir.

Inside the mine, there are four iron veins often being mined by NPCs.


Thane of HjaalmarchEdit

Selling ore that has been mined here counts as assisting the citizens of Hjaalmarch. It can be sold to Gestur Rockbreaker.

Notable itemsEdit

  • The Heavy Armor skill book Orsinium and the Orcs on a table, on the first platform on the right.
  • Four iron ore veins, located as follows relative to the bottom of the path into the mine:
    • At the top of the ramp to the (southwest).
    • At the end of the tunnel to the southeast.
    • At the top of the ramp straight ahead to the east.
    • At the end of the tunnel to the northeast.



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