Rokaug Bloodtusk is a male Orsimer who served in King Golkarr's army during the First Era. He was the brother of Orcish hero Baloth Bloodtusk. Rokaug was captured by General Mercedene and King Joile, who kept him captive and told Baloth that his brother died during the Siege, therefore manipulating him into joining Orsinium's forces. Rokaug knew about their plan and treachery, and attempted to warn Baloth about it.


The Ashes of Our FathersEdit

After entering the room containing Gaiden Shinji and Baloth Bloodtusk's sarcophagi, a memorial pool can be found at the back. After drinking from it, you will be transported into Commander Reliana's memory in Old Orsinium, during Shinji and Baloth's duel. Rokaug can be found in a cave, suffering from some injuries after killing Winterborn soldiers. He will tell you of Joile and Mercedene's plan to assassinate the warriors, and sends you to warn them.

After Shinji and Baloth are shot dead by Joile's Archers and Mercedene is killed for her betrayal, Rokaug and Lord Trystan can be found kneeling by their bodies having the following conversation:

Lord Trystan: "Stay your hand, young Orc. Too much blood was spilled this day. Enough heroes lost."
Rokaug: Agreed. The duel... did you see it? Was there a victor?
Lord Trystan: "I saw a willow and a graht-oak, dancing in the wind. I thought there styles vastly different, until I realized..."
Rokaug: "'Adhere to the style that defeats your opponent.' People used to claim it was Shinji's proverb. Always made Baloth crack a smile."

Trystan will later remark that Shinji wanted to be buried where he died, and requests Rokaug's permission to bury Baloth and all the other fallen soldiers with him. Rokaug agrees, and thanks you for your help.



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