"More than 50 years ago, my wife Rona and I were both turned into vampires. While I came to embrace the changes in myself, she did not. She hated what she had become, and refused to feed to keep herself healthy. She eventually slipped into a coma from which she has not awoken."
Janus Hassildor[src]

Rona Hassildor is an Imperial, the countess of Skingrad and wife of Janus Hassildor, who, like her husband, is a vampire. Unlike her husband, she saw this as a curse and refused to drink blood for nourishment and has fallen into a coma as a result.


Vampire CureEdit

Count Janus Hassildor asks the Hero to find and get the cure from Melisande so Rona will be freed. After the Hero has gotten the cure, Hal-Liurz will lead them to the secret chamber that Rona is in, along with Janus and Melisande. Melisande will awaken Rona so she can be given the cure.

When Rona wakes up she will be upset, asking Janus to just let her sleep. He will explain he has awakened her so she may find peace. When she drinks the potion, she will die because of her weak condition. The Count will then ask the Hero of Kvatch to leave and return the next day after he has "set her affairs in order."



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