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Room to Spare is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The quest can be received by reading a Seeking Tenant! poster, reading the "Room to Spare" Housing Brochure, or speaking to Felande Demarie.


I learned of a free inn room being offered to a tenant of good reputation. I should seek out the broker in order to ask for more information about his amazing deal.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. Talk to Felande Demarie in <city> (Depends on the starting zone)
  2. Talk to Felande Demarie


The location of the inn room described in the pamphlet depends on the zone in which the quest is started. There are ten inn rooms available, one in each of the three alliances' starting cities, and one for each chapter DLC:

Inn Room City Zone Requires
Mara's Kiss Inn Room Vulkhel Guard Auridon Aldmeri Dominion
The Ebony Flask Inn Room Ebonheart Stonefalls Ebonheart Pact
The Rosy Lion Daggerfall Glenumbra Daggerfall Covenant
Saint Delyn Penthouse Vivec City Vvardenfell Online: Morrowind
Golden Gryphon Garret Alinor Summerset Summerset
Sugar Bowl Suite Rimmen Northern Elsweyr Elsweyr
Snowmelt Suite Solitude Western Skyrim Greymoor
Pilgrim's Rest Leyawiin Blackwood Blackwood
Ancient Anchor Berth Gonfalon Bay High Isle High Isle
Journey's End Lodgings Necrom Telvanni Peninsula Necrom

After traveling to the city and entering the inn, Felande Demarie can be found inside. She will say that she is looking for someone to live in the inn room she owns, since previous tenants had all left and it had remained unoccupied.

"You have a look about you. Some sort of quality that's rare to find. And trust me, I'm never wrong about these sort of things. Can I interest you in a room at the local inn? Actually, wait. That came out wrong."

A room at the local inn? "Look, empty rooms are just bad for business. The upkeep alone costs me more than the place is worth. But I think we can come to a sort of arrangement. And not the sort of arrangement that involves a few drinks, let me be clear about that."
What sort of arrangement? "I need someone to improve the reputation of my properties. A hero type who people look up to. And I have a feeling about you. You've done something great, and are probably on the way to do something greater. Seems like we can help each other here."
I'm interested. What are the details? "Yeah, all right, details. I can see how this might be a bit sketchy, but don't worry. The inn room is well-kept, conveniently located. I know you adventuring types, wanting a home in every town. This would be a nice addition to your holdings."
There has to be a catch. What it is? "No catch. I just need someone to freshen up my image, and my gut tells me you're the one to do that. As long as you're not planning on turning it into a skooma den or an outlaw's refuge, the room is all yours."
So, within legal reason, I can do whatever I want with the place? "Oh, sure! You can set up some crafting stations, house your pets, display treasures or trophies you've come upon in your adventures. Hey, you can even set up a target dummy to practice combat. Just don't demolish the place and we're good."
All right, I accept your offer. "Excellent! You won't regret this decision, I swear. Here's the deed and key to the room. Took me a while, but I finally was able to take them back from the last tenant. Required more time in the sewers than I had hoped for, but hey, that's business."

After you agree, she will give you the inn room, as well as some Gold.



Journal Entry
I should travel to <city> (Depends on the starting zone) in <zone> (Depends on the starting zone) and speak to Felande about the inn room located within <inn> (Depends on the starting zone).
  • Objective: Talk to Felande Demarie in <city> (Depends on the starting zone)
I've agreed to become Felande's newest tenant. I should speak to her to finalize the deal.
  • Objective: Talk to Felande Demarie


  • Once obtained, the inn room is permanently available to all characters on the player's account. It is therefore advisable to obtain a different inn room with each character.