Rosentia Gallenus is an Imperial living in Leyawiin. She is known to be an upper-class person, wearing items such as a black & burgundy outfit and gold trimmed shoes.


She is known to be a collector of arcane crafts, having books such as Darkest Darkness, The Book of Daedra, and Varieties of Daedra. She also had a husband who left her, "bless his cinders."

Her interest in the arcane arts has lead her to buying a Daedric Artifact called the Staff of the Everscamp. Since getting the staff, she's been having problems with scamps that have been giving her problems that has caught the attention of other citizens through rumors. She will ask the Hero to take the staff to Darkfathom Cave, to free her of her burden.


Whom Gods AnnoyEdit

People in Leyawiin report strange noises and smells coming from Rosentia Gallenus' house. She has accidentally acquired the Staff of the Everscamp, which produces a steady population of four scamps to follow the staff-bearer.


  • Her house is mistakenly written as "Gallenus Rosentia's Key."


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