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Rosethorn Hall is the most expensive house the Hero can purchase in Oblivion. The house is located in the northeastern section of Skingrad, on the west corner of the eastern arterial road connecting the North and South sections of the city.


Housename: Rosethorn Hall

  • Location: Northeast Skingrad
  • Initial Cost: 25,000 Gold
  • Total Base Cost: 48,200 Gold


The house is bought from Shum gro-Yarug, who can be found at Castle Skingrad in the day-time, or in the Inn. If one has trouble finding him, talk to someone in Castle Skingrad about buying a house and they'll direct the Hero to him with a map marker so they can easily find him.

To be able to purchase this house, the hero needs 25,000 Gold, a fame of 15, and have a disposition with Shum at 70 or above. Buying this house will kick out its former tenant.

Be warned that Shum might die (fall off of high walkway when exiting the castle), which will make the quest unfinishable.

The house has a basement and three stories, and the master bedroom is on the top floor. After buying all of the furnishings, the house will be decorated and have many chests and display cases to place items in. There is also an exterior balcony on the second floor.


Note: The values in the "base cost" column are unmodified by Mercantile, Personality, or disposition factors and will change to reflect this.

Upgrade Base Cost What you get
House Balcony Area 1600Gold 2 Stools, 2 Rugs, 1 Chair, 1 Chest, 1 Small Table, Assorted Candles
House Balcony Upgrade 1400Gold 2 Large Shelves, Assorted Candles, Assorted Pottery
House Bedroom Area 1600Gold 3 Chairs, 1 Bed Upgrade, 1 Set of Shelves, 1 Dresser, 1 Clothing Cupboard, 1 Chest, 1 Chandelier, 1 Desk, 1 Rug
House Den Area 1600Gold 2 Dressers, 1 Desk, 1 Chair, 1 Rug, Assorted Wall-Mounted Candle Sconces, Assorted Pottery
House Dining Area 1600Gold 3 Chairs, 1 Set of Shelves, 1 Chandelier, 1 Large Rug, 1 Candle Holder, Silver Place Settings and Utensils, Assorted Pottery
House Display Case Upgrade 1000Gold 3 Large Display Cases, 4 Small Display Cases, Assorted Candles
House Kitchen Area 1600Gold 2 Cupboards (1 Food, 1 Drink), 1 Table, 1 Barrel, 1 Set of Scales, Assorted Pottery
House Servant's Quarters 1600Gold 2 Stools, 1 Privacy Screen, 1 Bed, 1 Clothing Cupboard, 1 Table, 1 Chest, Assorted Candles, Assorted Pottery
House Upper Sitting Area 1600Gold 2 Stools, 2 Chairs, 1 Table, 1 Chandelier, Assorted Pottery
House Sitting Area 1600Gold 2 Stools, 2 Rugs, 1 Bench, 1 Set of Shelves, 1 Table, Assorted Pottery
House Storage Area 1600Gold 4 Crates, 4 Barrels, 3 Chests, 2 Wine Racks, 1 Set of Shelves, Assorted Candle Holders
House Study Area 1600Gold 2 Bookshelves, 1 Executive Desk, 1 Chair, 1 Chest, Decorative Mini-Tapestries
House Upper Hall Area 1600Gold 2 Chests, 2 Chairs, 1 Set of Shelves, 1 Small Table, 1 Rug, Assorted Candles, Assorted Pottery
House Lower Wall Hangings 1600Gold 10 Paintings, 5 Tapestries
House Upper Wall Hangings 1600Gold 5 Paintings, 6 Tapestries
Upgrades Base Cost: 23,200 Gold




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  • If one buys the Balcony Upgrade before the Balcony area, none of the furniture may appear.
  • Items that are placed on or in the furniture on the first and second floors, including those placed in display cases, may disappear.