Rotmeth is a Bosmeri spiced alcohol made from rancid, fermented meat juices.[1]


This steaming brown liquid is drunk from a mug and could be mistaken for tea, if not for the Meat Mandate, which prohibits anything made from leaves in Valenwood. Rotmeth tastes gamy, bitter and sugared, and very salty. The effects of Rotmeth include a tingling sensation throughout the body, sounds becoming oddly disjointed, surges of rage which quickly subside, and bursts of laughter. Several hours after consumption the drinker will feel half-asleep, unable to open their eyes fully, and the events of several hours before seem like obscure childhood memories. Rotmeth may seem disagreeable to the palate at first, although the drinker will soon find themself pouring many more mugs.[1][2]


Rotmeth is a craftable item formerly available in The Elder Scrolls Online.confirmation needed



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