The Rourken Clan was an ancient clan of Dwemer that lived in the province of Hammerfell during the first era. The Rourken Clan is well-known for self-exiling themselves from the province of Morrowind and paving a way for a Dwarven expansion beyond Morrowind.

History[edit | edit source]

First Era[edit | edit source]

With the formation of the First Council in 1E 416,[1] the Rourken Clan of Dwarves self-exiled themselves from the province of Morrowind when they disagreed with the deal. According to legends, their leader had thrown the mighty hammer known as Volendrung to the west, landing in an area in the modern-day Fiefdom of Tigonus in Hammerfell. After traversing the green forests of Cyrodiil, the Rourken Clan arrieved into Hammerfell in 1E 420 and established their first city-state of Volenfell,[2] which would later lend its name to the province. As time went on, the Rourken Clan explored the Hammerfell, beyond the Alik'r Desert and even into the Abecean Sea. The Rourken Clan created several settlements including Santaki and Bthzark. At one point, the Rourken Clan had waged war with Shalidor, a well-known wizard from Skyrim. The Battle of Rourken-Shalidor was the first recorded instance where the Spell Breaker was used in battle. When the Battle of Red Mountain in 1E 700 had erupted, the Rourken Clan did not help the Dwarves under the reign of King Dumac but disappeared like the rest of the Dwemer. It was when their immortality was taken away by Kagrenac's Tools by the hands of Indoril Nerevar. The Dwarven cities of Hammerfell were abandoned and left to raid when the Akaviri and Nordic pirates of the Abecean Sea attacked them after their disappearances.[3][2][4][5]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The Rourken Clan was not the only Dwarven clan that migrated to the west beyond Morrowind. The Rourken Clan had paved a way for the Kragen Clan of Dwarves to migrate to the west. The Kragen Clan had left Morrowind and entered the Reach in Skyrim, establishing the city-state of Arkngthamz with the intent of mining Aetherium, a powerful element with magical properties. The success of Arkngthamz had inspired other Dwarven Clans to migrate into Skyrim and eventually, the Kragen Dwarves of Arkngthamz created an alliance with four major cities, which includes Mzulft and Raldbthar. Sometime later, the Kragen Clan continued west into the Dragon's Teeth Mountains and built the illustrious mining city called Arkngthamz-Phng, which was even more successful than Arkngthamz, until they were driven out by Thurvokun, an ancient Dragon.[6][7]

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