The Rourken Clan was a clan of the Dwemer. They are noted as leaving their traditional homeland Morrowind after the First Council, and the alliance between the Dwemer and Chimer.[1][2]


When the clan emigrated from Morrowind, the leader of the Rourken Clan threw his mighty hammer Volendrung across Tamriel, and proclaimed that his clan would settle wherever it landed. They ended up in the region which is now called Hammerfell, where they established Western Dwemer, and named their capital city and the region itself for Volenfell. They built a number of cities in the region, including some on the island of Stros M'kai.[1][2]

Although they had established themselves as completely separate nations, they still suddenly disappeared as a result of the outcome of the War of the First Council. Much of their cities were raided by Akaviri and Nordic raiders shortly thereafter.[1][2]


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