"Psst! Hey you! Yeah, you! Come here! I got what you need..."
―Rowley Eardwulf[src]

Rowley Eardwulf is a Breton who sells upgrades for Deepscorn Hollow. Rowley can be found at the Wawnet Inn and is available for barter when he is sitting on the stairs behind the barkeep, also when he's eating but only when the Imperial Watch is not around.


Rowley also sells a few other standard merchant items, and is a journeyman sneak trainer. He is available all day, and can pay up to 2000 GoldIcon which makes him one of the best merchants to sell loot to once you progress to high-level items such as ebony and daedric goods.

Rowley was a vampire before being "cleansed" of his affliction after receiving an order from Greywyn, and he is one of, if not the last of the Crimson Scars. The Scars were a group of vampires within the Dark Brotherhood who believed that Sithis only wanted vampiric members within the Brotherhood. For more details of the Crimson Scars see Greywyn's Journal.


Deepscorn HollowEdit



  • "You need something... special? Check out my wares. You won't find this stuff at your local general store. That's for damn sure."



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