Rozenn's Dream is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The Supernal Dreamers also took Ingride's daughter, Rozenn, and they're apparently planning a similar ritual using her as the vessel for some daedric spirit. I promised Ingride I would stop them.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Read the Dreamers' Scroll of Power
  2. Light the Ritual Braziers: (4)
  3. Summon and Kill the Daedra
  4. Free Rozenn Vanne
  5. Talk to Ingride Vanne
  6. Complete the quest


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Ingride mentions Rozeann, her daughter. She had a vision in her dream — a cultist standing over her, reading a scroll. It's on Nightmare Crag! She tries to go but the Vestige says Ingride is in no condition to go after her. They promise to look for the scroll and do everything they can for Rozenn.

Follow the marker to Nightmare Crag, but stop at the tower halfway up, to read the scroll on the table. Then light the braziers to open a portal to Oblivion. When the portal is open, kill the Daedra who appears and end the threat it presents. Rozenn is found lying on an altar in the middle of Nightmare Crag. Go over and free her, she will run away as soon as she is free.

Go down the hill and find Ingride and her daughter and tell her the Daedric danger is now past. Ingride asks the Vestige if they always go to such great lengths to help people they don't even know. She ends the conversation with a welcome to the Vanne Farm.


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