"Rufio? He's an old codger. Been living here for a couple of weeks now. If you ask me, he’s hiding from something. But what do I care? He pays his tab."
Manheim Maulhand[src]

Rufio quote

Rufio is an old Breton living in the Inn of Ill Omen, in the basement, behind a trapdoor.


After killing a woman, Rufio went into hiding to escape punishment. However, Claudius Arcadia sought to have Rufio killed because of that incident.[1]

If he is spoken to during "A Knife in the Dark," he admits to murdering the woman, but also says that he was forced to because she was struggling. He may also beg for his life and offer anything for his life to be spared.


A Knife in the DarkEdit

"Know that Rufio is old and weak, and sleeps his days away. You could kill him before he even has a chance to wake, if you so choose."
Lucien Lachance[src]

The Hero is required to kill him in order to gain membership to the Dark Brotherhood. He is unarmed, unarmored, and very weak, making him more a test of the Hero's murderous resolve or obedience than their prowess. If spoken to before killing him, he will run into the next room and hide behind the bed.

Rufio's ghostEdit

During the quest "The Purification," Lucien Lachance gives the Hero a scroll that allows them to summon Rufio's ghost for aid in combat. There is only one of these scrolls in the game, but a duplication glitch can be used to get more.



A Knife in the DarkEdit

"Agh! Go away! Go away!"
"Who are you? What do you want? I ain't done nothin'!"

No one hides from Sithis "Oh, please, no! I can pay you! Name your price! Anything! Anything! Please, just let me live!"
Oh, but you have, Rufio "No! Please! I didn't mean to do it, you understand me? She struggled! I... I told her to just stay still, but she wouldn't listen! I had no choice!"
(Remain silent.) "I... I ain't got nothing to say to you. Leave me be."


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  •  360   If killed by an arrow when opening the door to his room, the quest update will appear instantly and Rufio's body will be floating in the doorway. He will stay there, unmoving, in mid-air, until the Hero moves his body or leaves and comes back into the cellar.



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