TESIV Rumors

The player can ask most non-player characters for rumors.

Rumors are conversation topics accessed through a dialogue option. The person telling the rumor may often point the player towards a location in Cyrodiil, information that may start a quest, information about surrounding provinces, or comment on recent events. The "Rumors" dialogue option is never affected by the characters' disposition toward the player. Every character has the ability of telling rumors, but asking inn keepers about recent rumors will often triggest quests. The main questline for The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine can be started by the player hearing rumors about the attack on the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil.

List of rumorsEdit

Rumor Audio
"When S'drassa isn't teaching alchemy, he spends all of his time researching a cure for skooma addiction."
Rumor 1
"Fighters Guild members have been going to Sherina to learn blade skills. She's good, and she'll be the first to tell you so."
Rumor 2
"Sherina is good with a blade. She knows it, too."
Rumor 3
"Bugok gro-Bol always seems ready for a fight. Seems odd for a bookseller."
Rumor 4
"Witseidutsei runs a clean establishment. She really hates it when people mess up her place."
Rumor 5
"Good thing we have the Black Horse Courier. I don't know how we'd get our news without it."
Rumor 6
"Claudette Perrick runs a fine alchemy shop. You should check out The Gilded Carafe."
Rumor 7
"I shopped at Three Brothers a couple of days ago. Not sure which one I talked to, though."
Rumor 8
"The Feed Bag isn't fancy, but it fills you up."
Rumor 9
"I understand money is tight, but buying discount spells seems like a bad idea."
Rumor 10
"If you're looking for books, First Edition is the only place in the city to find them."
Rumor 11
"The Tiber Septim Hotel is a nice place. It's not cheap, though."
Rumor 12
"There's something strange about Ida Vlinorman. I heard she was climbing up the chapel, just so she could jump off."
Rumor 13
"Irene Metrick moves with such grace. I wonder what it is she does."
Rumor 14
"If I had a question about heavy armor, I'd probably ask Varnado at The Best Defense."
Rumor 15
"Rohssan is a talented smith. One of the best around, if you ask me."
Rumor 16
"There are rumors that there is a new Gray Fox. Nobody knows what happened to the old one."
Rumor 17
"Did you hear that the Earl of Imbel's house was robbed?"
Rumor 18
"Captain Lex blames the Gray Fox for stealing the tax collection. He wants a bounty put on the Gray Fox, but the Legion Commander has refused."
Rumor 19
"Amantius Allectus was killed during a burglary. They say the house was ransacked."
Rumor 20
"If you've got to travel, by the Nine Divines, stay on the roads! The wilderness just isn't safe anymore. We've had sightings, you see. The Daedra..."
Rumor 21
"Truth is, the Legion doesn't know who was behind the Emperor's murder. We've already ruled out the Dark Brotherhood. So is this something... worse?"
Rumor 22
"The Emperor is dead, and so are his heirs. We're a Legion without a leader. The Blades were trusted with our Lord's protection... and they failed."
Rumor 23
"Have you not heard? The Oblivion crisis has ended! Martin Septim gave his own life to destroy the Daedra horde! We are victorious!"
Rumor 24
"It's over, citizen. The crisis has ended. But at what cost? We are an Empire without an Emperor. The future is uncertain, at best."
Rumor 25
"The tide is turning. Bruma has been saved, and Martin Septim has claimed his birthright! It's time for every citizen to do their part... even you."
Rumor 26
"The tide is turning, my friend. Bruma has been saved, and Martin Septim has claimed his birthright! Soon, all of Oblivion will tremble in fear!"
Rumor 27
"The Emperor's heir lives! The bloodline is unbroken! Long live Martin Septim!"
Rumor 28
"Don't you even care what's happening? Bruma has been saved! The Great Gate has been closed! There is hope for us all, whether you like it or not."
Rumor 29
"Bruma has been saved! It's true! Let's see how the Daedra do without their big Siege Machine, or their so-called "Great Gate"! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
Rumor 30
"Have you heard? The Oblivion Gate at Bruma -- they've shut it down! The Daedra will never defeat the people of the Empire! Never! Ha ha!"
Rumor 31
"Kvatch? Kvatch was just the beginning! Those damned Gates have opened up everywhere! Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Leyawiin -- no city is safe."
Rumor 32
"The Mythic Dawn murdered the Emperor and led those damn Daedra right into the heart of the Empire! They'll pay for their treachery!"
Rumor 33
"The Kvatch Oblivion Gate has been closed! Don't you understand what that means? We can beat the bastards!"
Rumor 34
"It's true what everyone's saying -- Kvatch is lost. The Daedra, they swarmed in.... The Town Guard never had a chance."
Rumor 35
"I was walking past Rosentia Gallenus' home the other day, and I heard these strange animal noises or something from inside... very odd."
Rumor 36
"Have you been near Rosentia Gallenus's house recently? Smells horrible... like she left some meat out to spoil."
Rumor 37
"I guess Rosentia Gallenus got rid of whatever barnyard animals she was keeping inside her house. Smells much better now."
Rumor 38
"There's an Orc named Mazoga up at the castle claims she's a knight. Doesn't look like one to me."
Rumor 39
"The Count's been asking questions about some Orc named Mazoga at the castle... she claims she's a knight."
Rumor 40
"I hear the Count's got someone to sort out that business with Mazoga the so-called knight."
Rumor 41
"The Count made that Orc, Mazoga, into a knight? Well, well. Next thing, we'll be making horses into knights."
Rumor 42
"The Mages Guild seems more disorganized than usual lately."
Rumor 43
"Hey, did you hear about that murder in the Talos Plaza District? I think the man's name was Draconis. Yeah, cut down in the prime of his life."
Rumor 44
"Oh, how horrible! You know Caelia Draconis? That nice Watch officer stationed at the castle? She's been murdered!"
Rumor 45
"So, Adamus Phillida is finally retiring from the Imperial Legion. Spent his life fighting the Dark Brotherhood. Time for a well-earned rest, I'd say."
Rumor 46
"Have you heard? Adamus Phillida has been killed! Murdered by the Dark Brotherhood!"
Rumor 47
"A friend of mine is a member of the Legion. He said some Altmer nobleman was murdered, right here in the city! Faelian, I think his name was."
Rumor 48
"Have you heard? That big galleon down at the Waterfront? Someone killed the captain! Right there on the ship!"
Rumor 49
"Everyone's talking about the victory over Mehrunes Dagon! I can hardly believe that the great Oblivion Crisis is over."
Rumor 50
"Have you heard "The Fall of Dagon" yet? "Take heart, the mighty hero cried! He looked up at Dagon and cursed his foul name...'"
Rumor 51
"They say that when you murder someone, the Dark Brotherhood comes to you in your sleep. It's how they recruit new members."
Rumor 52
"The Emperor and his three sons, dead, right under the noses of the Imperial Guard. It's a disgrace."
Rumor 53
"Have you heard about Kvatch? They say that daedra came from Oblivion and burned the whole city to the ground!"
Rumor 54
"Do you think what happened to Kvatch could happen here?"
Rumor 55
"I heard that the Kvatch Guard is driving back the daedra! Maybe there's hope after all."
Rumor 56
"Everybody's talking about the Hero of Kvatch! They say she actually went into an Oblivion Gate and destroyed it."
Rumor 57
"Hey, you're the one they call the Hero of Kvatch, aren't you? The one that closed the Oblivion Gate and saved the city?"
Rumor 58
"Good news from Kvatch for a change. The last of the daedra have been driven out."
Rumor 59
"Do you believe any of that talk about more Oblivion Gates opening all over the place?"
Rumor 60
"They say that Oblivion Gates have opened outside cities all across Tamriel! Gods preserve us!"
Rumor 61
"They say a lost son of Uriel Septim has reappeared in Bruma. Troops are flocking to his banner from all over Cyrodiil!"
Rumor 62
"I heard that some cult called the Mythic Dawn is behind the Emperor's assassination."
Rumor 63
"Thank Akatosh the Oblivion Crisis is over! Although with no Emperor and no heir, I wonder what will happen to the Empire?"
Rumor 64
"I plan to visit the Imperial City soon to pay my respects at the Temple of the One. They say the Dragon Statue is 100 feet high!"
Rumor 65
"They say a thief actually stole one of the Elder Scrolls from the Imperial Library. Who would have thought it was even possible?"
Rumor 66
"Ancient Wayshrines of the Nine are scattered through the wilderness. The righteous who pray there receive powerful divine blessings."
Rumor 67
"If you've done good deeds, the Nine will bless you and cure diseases when you visit their wayshrines."
Rumor 68
"Wayshrines of the Nine in the wilderness confer blessings on the righteous and faithful."
Rumor 69
"Those famous for good deeds may receive Blessings of Intelligence and Magicka when they visit Wayshrines of Julianos."
Rumor 70
"Virtuous visitors to Wayshrines of Kynareth may receive Blessings of Agility."
Rumor 71
"When you visit a Wayshrine of Zenithar, and you've lived a good life by the Nine, you may receive a Blessing of Luck."
Rumor 72
"Those who live by the Commands of the Nine receive Blessings of Strength when they visit Wayshrines of Tiber Septim."
Rumor 73
"A good man who honors the Nine may visit the Wayshrines of Akatosh for Blessings of Speed and Magicka."
Rumor 74
"If you've been good, Wayshrines of Dibella may bless your Personality."
Rumor 75
"Wayshrines of Arkay confer Blessings of Health on those who've pleased the Nine by righteous acts."
Rumor 76
"Please the Nine with good works, and visit Wayshrines of Stendarr for Blessings of Endurance."
Rumor 77
"You've seen wayshrines in the wilderness? Those who've pleased the Nine may receive Blessings of Willpower at the Wayshrines of Mara."
Rumor 78
"The Heartlands and Nibenean Valley are the agricultural breadbaskets of Cyrodiil."
Rumor 79
"Where does our food come from? The Heartlands. And the Nibenean Valley. And Skingrad? Great wines, cheeses, and tomatoes."
Rumor 80
"I've been hearing disturbing tales about Oblivion Gates opening all across Cyrodiil. I hope it's just wild talk."
Rumor 81
"With those Oblivion Gates opening everywhere, it's only a matter of time before another city goes the way of Kvatch."
Rumor 82
"Did you hear? The lost heir of Uriel Septim rallied the Guard and smashed a horde of daedra outside Bruma!"
Rumor 83
"They're saying some cult murdered the Emperor and are opening the Oblivion Gates. Do you think any of it's true?"
Rumor 84
"I'm sure the Elder Council will find some way to hold the Empire together. At least the Oblivion invasion is over!"
Rumor 85
"I heard that some of the provinces were talking about seceding from the Empire. Probably just talk though. Everything's a bit unsettled now."
Rumor 86
"Those wanted posters of the Gray Fox are everywhere."
Rumor 87
"Did you hear that someone broke into an Imperial Legion post and stole the taxes they collected from the Waterfront?"
Rumor 88
"Captain Lex blames the Gray Fox for stealing the tax collection. He wants a bounty put on the Gray Fox, but the Legion Commander has refused."
Rumor 89
"Have you heard? Someone desecrated the tomb of Llathasa. No wonder her ghost haunts that place."
Rumor 90
"I heard that thieves broke into the Arcane University, the Imperial Legion Compound, and the Temple, all on the same night!"
Rumor 91
"Someone told me that Hieronymus Lex is gone. Reassigned to Anvil. That can't be true!"
Rumor 92
"The Earl of Imbel was attacked and killed in his own home. I heard the body burned in the sunlight."
Rumor 93
"I don't know that anyone in Cyrodiil drives a harder bargain than Palonirya at Divine Elegance."
Rumor 94
"The King and Queen Tavern isn't a bad place to stay if you're visiting the city."
Rumor 95
"I understand old Dovyn Aren can still teach a bit about Alteration."
Rumor 96
"Othrelos is a sneaky one. Kind of makes you wonder what he's up to."
Rumor 97
"Samuel Bantien used to be a wild one. They say he used to be quite the "locksmith."
Rumor 98
"A lot of mages swear by Rindir's Staffs."
Rumor 99
"If you need to get rid of something quickly, check out the Copious Coinpurse."
Rumor 100
"Ganredhel can teach you about Acrobatics, for a price. Of course, she'd rather be training her dogs."
Rumor 101
"That Ra'qanar seems a bit shady to me. He does a good job on the horses at the castle, though."
Rumor 102
"That Gruiand Garrana is really full of herself. She'll talk your ear off, if you let her."
Rumor 103
"If you're looking for armor, you should speak with Tertia Viducia."
Rumor 104
"There was a murder in the Chapel. It happened when a thief was caught trying to rob Llathasa's tomb."
Rumor 105
"I understand the Fighters Guild is looking for new members. Seems a bit odd, but that's what I hear."
Rumor 106
"Don't know why anyone would visit the other cities of Cyrodill. Chorrol has it all. And a fairly low murder rate!"
Rumor 107
"Ah, Chorrol. Easy access to all the other cities of Cyrodiil."
Rumor 108
"I'm sure you've heard that Glistel and Malintus Ancrus are living together. Simply shameful."
Rumor 109
"Eugal Belette is an odd one... and I swear I heard strange noises coming from his basement not long ago."
Rumor 110
"I wanted to get a little practice in with my sword, so I headed to the Fighters Guild. Turns out you have to be a member to train there."
Rumor 111
"Northern Goods and Trade is an excellent place to buy supplies."
Rumor 112
"I'm going over to Northern Goods and Trade. There's always something I need at that place."
Rumor 113
"I sure am glad I don't live in Leyawiin. Too many foreigners."
Rumor 114
"Can you believe that a thief broke into the Imperial Palace itself!"
Rumor 115
"Vinivia Melissaeia takes all the merchant complaints in the city."
Rumor 116
"If you need light armor, talk to Maro Rufus at The Best Defense."
Rumor 117
"Calindil runs a nice place at the Mystic Emporium."
Rumor 118
"I needed some cash, so I went to see Jensine."
Rumor 119
"If you need to get rid of something quickly, check out the Copious Coinpurse."
Rumor 120
"Ganredhel sure does have a knack for training dogs. I've heard that she will train people as well, for a price."
Rumor 121
"Naspia Cosma is really skilled with her blade. It's a shame she doesn't compete in the Arena."
Rumor 122
"Gruiand Garrana can talk her way out of anything. Of course, all she usually talks about is herself."
Rumor 123
"There are some quality books at Mach-Na's. Just don't catch him when he's in a bad mood."
Rumor 124
"Most people consider Martin's... transformation... a religious or political event, but what interests me is its metaphysical implications."
Rumor 125
"Poor Tivela. I hear she is turning Cheydinhal inside out looking for her husband, Rythe. I hope nothing bad has happened to him."
Rumor 126
"So, the mighty Ulrich Leland has fallen. Apparently Llevana Nedaren snapped and killed him. Good riddance I say."
Rumor 127
"Did you hear the news? Ulrich Leland was thrown in the dungeons for stealing money from the city coffers. Haha! Justice for the little guy!"
Rumor 128
"Thank goodness the gate is gone. I couldn't get a good night's sleep knowing it was out there!"
Rumor 129
"Rythe Lythandas seems to be back in town. Wonder where he was off to?"
Rumor 130
"They charged me 5 gold for littering! Littering!! I barely make that in a year! These fines are ridiculous!"
Rumor 131
"I can't believe the ridiculous new fines the guards are imposing. Ever since Ulrich took over as Captain of the Guard, this place is going downhill."
Rumor 132
"I'd stay inside the city walls if I were you, there's no telling what's going to come out of that gate."
Rumor 133
"Ever since that gate appeared, the city guards have been on alert. I hope they can protect us."
Rumor 134
"We're all talking about the emperor's murder. We have no emperor. And no heir. That's never happened before. I suppose we should all be worried."
Rumor 135
"It's said that eating taproot can bring you good luck."
Rumor 136
"Make sure not to eat nightshade. It's very poisonous."
Rumor 137
"You can find Cairn Bolete growing in caves. They're said to mark the place someone has died."
Rumor 138
"Try combining aloe vera leaves with some venison. It's said to have some restorative properties."
Rumor 139
"I don't like to think about zombies. Missing arms, legs, heads. They smell awful, and they're hard to kill."
Rumor 140
"I don't even know what a will-o-the-wisp is, much less how to kill one. I think they're just swamp gas, myself."
Rumor 141
"All that stuff about having to set trolls on fire is a bunch of hooey. They don't like fire, but a good sword will cut them up fine."
Rumor 142
"Spriggans. "Nature's guardians" my foot! Mean things. They'll curse you, or they might call a bear to tear you apart."
Rumor 143
"I might swim more if it weren't for the slaughterfish. Sharp teeth, and some carry disease."
Rumor 144
"Best way to take out a skeleton is with a big weapon. Forget spells. Just smack them and watch the bones fly!"
Rumor 145
"Is there anywhere in Tamriel you can avoid rats? Disease spreading little nuisances."
Rumor 146
"Only thing worse than an ogre is two ogres. Tough bastards, and spells seem to bounce right off of 'em."
Rumor 147
"Mudcrabs. What's the point? Annoying buggers, though the meat isn't bad."
Rumor 148
"Watch for minotaurs in the forests. Aggressive beasts. They'll tear right through your armor, too."
Rumor 149
"I ran across a ghost once. Seemed to suck the energy right out of me."
Rumor 150
"Have you seen a land dreugh? We call them "Billies." Don't know why. Steer clear of them, though."
Rumor 151
"I saw a wraith once. It threw a curse on me I'll never forget."
Rumor 152
"Imps. I hate 'em. Little buggers flitting around, tossing fireballs at you!"
Rumor 153
"Watch yourself around goblins. Some of the nastier ones will toss spells at you."
Rumor 154
"You can't be too careful out in the wilderness. Almost any creature you find is liable to give you a disease."
Rumor 155
"On Cyrodiil's northern border is the sparsely populated mountain wilderness called the Valus Mountains."
Rumor 156
"The Nibenay Basin grades from rolling farmlands by the river east to the rugged uplands of the Valus Mountains."
Rumor 157
"The lands surrounding Lake Rumare are studded with small settlements, farms, and woodland game reserves. "
Rumor 158
"Take Cheydinhal, for example. Pretty little town. But the Count's a Dark Elf, and it's crawling with Orc thugs and gangsters."
Rumor 159
"Orcs don't ride horses. They eat horses. And sometimes I think they're the smart ones. Wait, maybe it's Dunmer who eat horses."
Rumor 160
"If you're on a road, you can usually outrun anything. If you're in good shape, and not wearing a tin suit."
Rumor 161
"The Council runs the Arena to amuse the masses, and it pays for itself, with all the fools who lose their shirts gambling."
Rumor 162
"Have you ever met anyone who got rich betting on the Arena? Didn't think so."
Rumor 163
"The Arena's faked. You think those guys are getting killed? Really? It's just berry syrup and ham-acting."
Rumor 164
"Fighting's easy. Just lead them out on the water and shoot them full of holes. If you've got a bow, of course, and can walk on water."
Rumor 165
"If you're all alone in the woods and you see a troll coming, you run. Problem solved. Next question?"
Rumor 166
"Well, it's no problem traveling from the Imperial City to Leyawiin... if you're a wizard and can walk on water. I'd stay off the roads, though."
Rumor 167
"There's islands in Niben Bay no one has visited in a hundred years. No telling what you'll find."
Rumor 168
"Blackwood isn't so bad, once you get used to the flies. And being lost all the time. And the zombies and will-o-the-wisps."
Rumor 169
"Nobody goes into the mountains but hunters and thieves on the lam. Food and shelter is hard to come by."
Rumor 170
"It's still pretty wild east of the Niben. Few people, except for bandits, but at least it hasn't been picked clean by treasure-hunters."
Rumor 171
"I've seen plenty of Ayleid ruins. You'd think they'd be picked clean after 2000 years, but, no, there's still great treasures there."
Rumor 172
"Ayleid ruins? The big thing is to watch out for the traps. Thousands of years old, and still working. Amazing."
Rumor 173
"My favorite town? Anvil. Lovely old stone buildings, and the harbor at sunset is beautiful."
Rumor 174
"Where to buy weapons? Where to buy anything, if you can afford to travel, is the Market District in the Imperial City."
Rumor 175
"The prettiest town in Cyrodiil? Don't know, but the ugliest is Bravil. Shabby, tumbledown shacks. They're big shacks, though."
Rumor 176
"The Imperial City itself is a walled city, with separate inner walls protecting the Imperial palace."
Rumor 177
"The Imperial City is densely urbanized, with a few large parks and waterside dock areas."
Rumor 178
"The Imperial City is located on a large island surrounded by Lake Rumare."
Rumor 179
"The Colovians are proud of their reputation for being independent, rough, and rebellious."
Rumor 180
"No one wants to live in the Jerall Mountains. Well, maybe in Bruma, but they're like Nords. They don't feel the cold."
"Everyone's talking about the assassination, of course. Here. Take my copy of the new Black Horse Courier. Go ahead. Keep it."
"Picked up a good book at Renoit's this week. Sure wish I could read it."
"I'm not saying Colovians are dumb. They're just hard-headed."
"Half of the Council of Mages resigned when Traven took over the position of Arch-Mage."
"The people of Nibenay consider themselves to be more civilized and sophisticated than Colovians."
"There's islands in Niben Bay no one has visited in a hundred years. No telling what you'll find."
"The Colovian Highlands are barren wastelands along the border with Hammerfell."
"My favorite town? Anvil. Lovely old stone buildings, and the harbor at sunset is beautiful."
"If you're all alone in the woods and you see a troll coming, you run. Problem solved. Next question?"
"I've never heard the Countess mention her husband. I believe it is something of a sore point with Lady Millona."
"The Great Forest was cleared for agriculture around Lake Rumare, but it's mostly wilderness outside of that."
"The legions patrol the roads, and they've always been sufficient. I can't imagine we'll ever be at war with the provinces... not in my lifetime."

Overheard rumorsEdit

Fort Swampmoth LegionsEdit

Character 1: "What's new with you?"
Character 2: "I hear the legions have been recalled from Fort Swampmoth in Black Marsh, and many of the Argonian slaves have returned to their tribes."
Character 1: "I have heard Argonia is a strange and treacherous place. It is no wonder odd things are happening there."
Character 2: "Goodbye."
Character 1: "Take care."

Slavery in MorrowindEdit

Character 1: "Hello."
Character 2: "Greetings."
Character 1: "What's new with you?"
Character 2: "They say that slavery has been abolished in Morrowind. House Dres and Hlaalu have renounced the slave trade, and freed the beastfolk from servitude."
Character 1: "It seems that these are turbulent times in the land of the Dunmer."
Character 2: "See you."
Character 1: "Farewell."

Oblivion HordesEdit

Character 1: "Hello."
Character 2: "Good day."
Character 1: "What's new with you?"
Character 2: "Many are dead in the land of the Dunmer. Even St. Jiub, who drove the cliffracers from Vvardenfell, has fallen to the daedra hordes."
Character 1: "Farewell"
Character 2: "Goodbye."


Character 1: "Hail."
Character 2: "Hello!"
Character 1: "What's new with you?"
Character 2: "There are rumors that the Nords are attempting to conquer the whole of Solstheim, and remove the Imperial fort on the island."
Character 1: "More fighting for the Nords? This is sad news."
Character 2: "Good day."
Character 1: "Farewell."


  • Some characters in Oblivion are set to have specific rumor dialogue that is not meant to change. Notable examples include:
    • Lucien Lachance, who says he does not spread rumors, he creates them, or after Ungolim is killed, in which he scolds the Hero for wasting time when there is a traitor to be found.
    • M'raaj-Dar is supposed to insult the Hero constantly until Lucien is talked to during The Purification.
    • Arquen says that "this is no time for gossip mongering" when the Hero should be performing their duties as the new Listener.
    • However, certain in-game events override these set dialogues, such as the completion of the main quest, in which many people will talk about "the great victory over Mehrunes Dagon," or the "Anvil Chapel attack" caused by the Knights of the Nine plug-in.
  • Some rumors are not even rumors, but facts or simple statements.
  • While in Oblivion, rumors can be accessed from any character, in Skyrim, rumors can only be gained from innkeepers.
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