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Not to be confused with Magic Rune or Runestones.
"Name's Rune. Yeah, rune... just like you're thinking."

Rune is an Imperial thief and a member of the Thieves Guild in Riften.


As a child, Rune washed up on shore after a shipwreck near Solitude and was found by a local fisherman. Rune could not recall his past, but the fisherman found a rock with strange writing on it. The fisherman named him Rune and raised him, but he later left to discover his past. He admits that most of the coin he makes working for the Guild has been spent in vain trying to uncover his past.

Near the ladder leading out of the Thieves Guild Cistern, on the shelf of one of the cupboards, a note entitled No Word Yet can be found, which details the failure of a certain Athel Newberry's attempts to locate any details of his past.


"Got a minute? Wanted to say something."

How did you get your unusual name? "My father told me he found me as a young boy in the wreckage of a ship that sank off of the coast near Solitude. All he found in my pocket was a tiny smooth stone inscribed with some sort of strange runes."
Do you know what they mean? "No one does. I've even taken the damn thing to the College of Winterhold. I must have spent every last coin I've made with the Guild trying to find out what it means."
Maybe you aren't meant to know. "Perhaps. They could be nonsense... inane scribbles done by someone in idle boredom. But if not... if they actually mean something, they might tell me where I'm from... what ship was I on. Everything."
So who gave you the name? "Actually, the fisherman who found me, the man I call my father gave it to me. Thought it was fitting I suppose. I never changed it, because it never felt right to do so."
I'll keep an eye out for anything. "I appreciate that."


  • "Have no idea what my birth name really is, and I frankly don't care."
  • "Being brought up by a poor family, I had to learn how to steal if I wanted to make ends meet."
  • "Brynjolf actually caught me trying to pick his pocket in the market. If he was anyone else I would have gotten away with it."
  • "I'm glad Brynjolf decided to let me join. Been trying to make some coin for him ever since."
  • "Brynjolf told me he was looking for you about the Guild Master ceremony." ― During "Under New Management"
  • "I think everyone's waiting for the ceremony to get going." ― During "Under New Management"


  • Dialogue with Rune suggests that he was supposed to have a quest where you uncover his past, this would have been triggered by the dialogue option "I'll keep an eye out for anything." However, no quest begins.