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Runestone beacon where runstones can be collected

Runestones are stones embued with magical powers. In order to discover their properties, they must be combined with stones of all three types, in order to 'translate' them and discover their powers.  These three types are Potency, Aspect and Essence.[1] According to lore, however, it has been claimed that there must be a fourth "quartonic runestone," Celerity, in order to fit the Anu-Padu Theorem.[1] With two hundred years invested into the search and the fourth runestone yet to be discovered since, there is currently no evidence supporting this theory.

Across Tamriel, the Vestige may discover and acquire these runes scattered throughout the lands. By combining a runestone of each type at an Enchanting Station, the Vestige can craft powerful enchantment glyphs that can be applied to weapons, armor, and jewelry. Blue Potency Runes determine the base power of the enchantment, whether the enchantment is additive or subtractive, and the level of items it can be applied to; yellow Essence Runes determine the effect of the enchantment; and red Aspect Runes determine the quality of the glyph, ranging from Base quality to Legendary quality—further improving the power of the enchantment.

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