Rythe Lythandas's House is the residence of Rythe Lythandas and his wife Tivela Lythandas and is located in the southwestern part of Cheydinhal. This three story building with a hard lock, includes a basement along with an upstairs area for the sleeping quarters.

When entering on the first floor, there is a large fireplace with a couple of chairs, on the right side is the room where Rythe paints his masterpieces. There are many finished paintings in the room. The door to the basement is on the left.

Going upstairs, on the landing is a chest, a desk and a barrel with various items. On the right side is the dining area which is set for dinner. The whole floor is an open plan room and at the other end is the bedroom with shelves full of books and cutlery. There are also two unlocked chests and one locked chest with some silver nuggets and other personal items.

Rythe Lythandas's BasementEdit

The door to the basement has a hard lock. Inside are several barrels and crates with various items, such as food and drink. Some clothing items are found in the cupboards. There are also several wine racks with Cheap Wine, Tamika's West Weald Wine and Surilie Brothers Wine along with a lot of stored paintings. One chest can be found with a few valuables in it.


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