"Yes. S'krivva gives you greeting. Luxury imports, exports are S'krivva's fair game."

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S'Krivva is a Thieves Guild Doyen who lives in her house in Bravil. She is also an Expert Security trainer.

She is available in her house from 7 am until 9 am at which point she moves to The Lonely Suitor Lodge. She then returns to her home after 10 pm and is again available for business until midnight.


She is responsible for assigning the more advanced Thieves Guild tasks.


"Yes. S'krivva gives you greeting. Luxury imports, exports are S'krivva's fair game."

Bravil "Well, perhaps, yes, one hears such things, what is one to believe? That S'krivva collects goods of untestable provenance? Pshaw. Rumors."
Show: Ahdarji's Heirloom
Inside S'krivva's House or The Lonely Suitor Lodge:

"Ah, you are the new thief. I am your new Doyen.

Bravil "Bravil perhaps presents little scop for an ambitious member of our guild. Perhaps you may find the castle entertaining. Little else."
Pay off my fines and bounty "The hunter can pay his fines to the guards, serve his time, or pay this one half and they will all go away."
I'll work out my problems on my own. "This one hopes the hunter enjoys the cage."
Thieves Guild special jobs "Sadly, you must demonstrate more skill before I can allow a commission job. Sell more stolen treasures to the fences. They will let me know when you have proven skillful enough."

"Good hunting."

After having fenced sufficient goods:

"You have returned?"

Thieves Guild special jobs "I have a special request from the widow of a former fence in Leyawiin. As your new Doyen, I am asking you to help her. A street scavenger made off with a ring that the widow Ahdarji values highly. She is offering a reward. The guild frowns on freelance thieves. Are you willing to go to Leyawiin, find the ring, and get it back to Ahdarji?"
I'll help out this poor widow. "This is good. Go to Leyawiin. Speak with Ahdarji and help her find her ring."
I can't help her right now. "I'm short on skilled thieves of your rank just now. If you change your mind, come back and see me."

"Good hunting."

Upon completion of the quest:

"You have returned?"

Ahdarji's stolen ring "Good work. You are truly an asset to the guild. I will make sure the Gray Fox himself hears about this. I am promoting you to Prowler. Congratulations."
Thieves Guild special jobs "You are unproven, or at least insufficiently proven for the tasks this one has available. Gold is the blood of the Thieves Guild. Keep the fences busy and rich. Then come to see me."
Gray Fox "He is the greatest of all thieves. I have heard it said that he stole his gray cowl from Nocturnal herself."

"Shadow hide the hunter."

Show: Misdirection
Inside S'krivva's House or The Lonely Suitor Lodge:

"Amusei sends his regards."

Thieves Guild special jobs "I have a small problem that you may be able to help with. The guild will even pay a reward. That buffoon, Hieronymus Lex, has invaded the Imperial City Waterfront. Imperial Watch guards from all over the city prowl the streets."
How bad is it? "Hieronymus Lex has vowed not to leave until the Gray Fox is in custody. The Fox is safe, but the Thieves Guild cannot do business like this. The poor of the Waterfront are kindred to the Gray Fox, and will not betray him. However, cubs soon get hungry. Soon someone will break. Many guild members could be jailed. Find Methredhel in the Imperial City. She is co-ordinating the guild's response."

"Shadow hide the hunter."

Upon completion of the quest:

"What can a humble Doyen do for a sly thief?"

Hieronymus Lex "Hieronymus Lex has left the Waterfront? Well done! Methredhel's report tells me that you have done well. You have earned your reward. I am promoting you to Cat Burglar, which means you can use Luciana Galena of Bravil as your fence. Congratulations on your new rank."
Thieves Guild special jobs "You must do more to fill the guild's treasury before I can assign you commission jobs. Seek more loot. Keep the fences busy with your profits. Then we can talk."
Show: Lost Histories
Inside S'krivva's House or The Lonely Suitor Lodge:

"We meet again."
"You are a welcome sight in these troubling times."

Thieves Guild special jobs "I have need of a very special book, the Lost Histories of Tamriel. The cat burglar Theranis was sent hunting in Skingrad for this book. However, Theranis has not been seen since. The Gray Fox himself hunts for this book. I need you to find Theranis. Help Theranis bring back this book. If Theranis is unwilling or unable, bring back the book yourself. Are you agreeable?"
Sounds interesting. I'll do it. "That is good. Go to Skingrad. The trail starts there."
Thieves Guild special jobs "Doesn't the hunter have prey to follow?"
Now is not a good time. "Maybe Theranis will return soon, maybe not. If you grow bored and change your mind, ask me again."

"Shadow hide the hunter."

Upon returning with the book:

"You have found Theranis and the Lost Histories of Tamriel?"

Theranis, no. The book, yes. "Theranis is dead? I grieve for him. But at least you have the book. The Gray Fox has sought this book for many years. You have earned the reward. Here is your payment."
Thieves Guild special jobs "You are skillful, but not skillful enough. Prove your worth to me. Provide the guild fences with the bounty of your work, then return."
Well...not yet. "The prey escapes. Return when you have the book or know that Theranis will return with it."

"Shadow hide the hunter."

Show: Taking Care of Lex
Inside S'krivva's House or The Lonely Suitor Lodge:

"Welcome, honored cat burglar."
"The esteemed cat burglar honors me."

Thieves Guild special jobs "Hieronymus Lex must be eliminated once and for all. The Gray Fox has asked that you do this personally. It is a most delicate matter."
What is the plan? "Countess Umbranox of Anvil, is hunting for a new captain of her guard. The Legion Commander of the Imperial Watch sent her a list of candidates. The Gray Fox wants this list replaced with one that highly recommends Hieronymus Lex. From Anvil he can do little harm to the guild."
Where is the letter? "The letter is currently in steward Dairihill's desk. She has lied to Lady Umbranox, telling her that the letter has yet to arrive."
Why not just kill Lex? "We are thieves, not murderers. That is the province of the Dark Brotherhood. For reasons unknown to this one, the Gray Fox has extended his protection to the Umbranox family and Lady Umbranox in particular. While Lex is a problem for the guild, his unwavering loyalty and resolve make him the perfect protector for Lady Umbranox."
How do I forge the letter? "You will have to track down one on your own. I don't know of any in Bravil. With the forged letter in hand, sneak into the Legion Commander's office in the Imperial City Prison and seal it with his seal. Dairihill cannot be trusted. You must deliver the letter to Lady Umbranox in person. Will you accept this commission?"
It shall be done. "That is good. Remember, this is a mission of stealth, not blood. Your payment will be higher than normal to cover the expense of the forgery."
I'm not ready to do this yet. "I am disappointed. When you are better prepared, return to me."

"Shadow hide the hunter."

Upon completion of the quest:

"The esteemed cat burglar honors me."

Hieronymus Lex reassigned "Well done, hunter! Hieronymus Lex will no longer be a thorn in the paw of the Thieves Guild. The Gray Fox shows his gratitude. You are being promoted to Shadowfoot, and may now use Orrin of Caslte Anvil as your fence."
Thieves Guild special jobs "I have no more jobs for a thief of your skill. You have no need of the Doyen to provide you work. However, there are rumors that the Gray Fox himself may call on you soon. Wait for contact from him. Keep the guild fences busy."

"Shadow hide the hunter."


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