S'fara is a Khajiit scout who thinks that she is invisible. She can be found at A Strange Door.

While engaged in dialogue with her, she will say "No. Go away. I'm not here," or "You can't see me. You can't see me. Neither can He. No one can see me."


A Door in Niben BayEdit

Gaius Prentus, the guard of a mysterious gate, approaches the Hero. He mentions that the people here have all returned from inside this strange gate, and are now insane. He wishes for them to investigate.


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  •  PC   On rare occasions, S'fara will flee the island when the Hero returns to Cyrodiil. She will jump into the water and travel south. All attempts to follow her have failed as she dives underwater and disappears, suggesting she became invisible at last. Then she reappears at A Strange Door a day later.


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