"Hurry, hurry! Last boat to Solstheim! Until the next one!"

S'Virr is a khajiit Shipmaster who lives in Khuul, Morrowind. For a fee, he will transport Nerevarine to Solstheim on his boat, the Omenwedur.

If he dies, traveling to Solstheim will become very difficult.


An Island to the NorthEdit

S'virr will take the Nerevarine to Solstheim.


  • "[Hawk-hawk-hawk-Ptooie] There! Eat that, little slaughterfish. Nice present from S'virr."
  • "No! S'virr LIKES splinters. THAT'S why S'virr wears no boots.' Idiots."
  • "Greetings. Are you in need of transport? S'virr will gladly take you to Fort Frostmoth in Solstheim for a small fee."
  • "S'virr can take you to Solstheim. At a fair price, too."


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