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For the Oblivion location, see Boethiah's Shrine.

The Sacellum of Boethiah is a Daedric Shrine east of Windhelm. After level 30, it will be populated by Cultists of Boethiah.


From Windhelm, travel northeast until passing Hlaalu Farm and Hollyfrost Farm. Keep following the road east and stay slightly to the right until one comes upon Traitor's Post, a bandit hideout. There is a fork in the road here; stay to the right until parallel to the road the Dragonborn was just on and traveling west.

On approach, the sky will slowly turn to night, regardless of whether it is day. A scavenger and troll may be encountered on this road. Many burned bodies are lying around the Sacrificial Pillar meaning that a lot of people have been sacrificed before. 


Note: if the Dragonborn visits the location prior to level 30 the quest will not activate, and the location will be empty.


Daedric Markings[]

The Daedric markings on the pillar read:

Daedric I.svgDaedric A.svgDaedric M.svgDaedric A.svgDaedric L.svgDaedric I.svgDaedric V.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric B.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric C.svgDaedric A.svgDaedric U.svgDaedric S.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric T.svgDaedric H.svgDaedric A.svgDaedric T.svgDaedric O.svgDaedric N.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric I.svgDaedric S.svgDaedric D.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric A.svgDaedric D.svg
Daedric I.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric X.svgDaedric I.svgDaedric S.svgDaedric T.svgDaedric B.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric C.svgDaedric A.svgDaedric U.svgDaedric S.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric I.svgDaedric H.svgDaedric A.svgDaedric V.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric T.svgDaedric H.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric W.svgDaedric I.svgDaedric L.svgDaedric L.svgDaedric T.svgDaedric O.svgDaedric D.svgDaedric O.svgDaedric S.svgDaedric O.svg

This translates to:

"I am alive because that one is dead.

I exist because I have the will to do so."



This section contains bugs related to Sacellum of Boethiah. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  PC   360   Sometimes, no one will be at the sacellum at level 30 or above, even after beginning the quest.
  • If the Dragonborn sacrifices someone at the sacellum before receiving the quest, the player will be prevented from advancing once the player has started the quest and brought another sacrifice to the Pillar.
  • After sacrificing their follower, the Dragonborn may be unable to continue the conversation with Boethiah's Conduit. Instead Boethiah's introductory phrase will repeat.