The Sack of Skywatch was a battle during the War against the Sload of Thras. The Sack of Skywatch is known as one of the most terrible events in history. The war had affected the people of Skywatch, as well as the Buraniim Sea-Complex around the city. The Sload had garnered control of Errinorne Isle, an island located east of Skywatch. The Sload had utilized warships to besiege the city cliffs. The Aldmeri fortress commonly known as Hightide Keep activated and held a solid defense against the Sload. Powerful magical constructs were created and expended, obliterating the Thrassian Invasion.[1][2]

The city had finally fallen when a Sload Warcaster filled his gullet with all sorts of dangerous concoctions and threw himself onto the cliffs, causing a grand explosion. The ruins of Hightide Keep have washed away into the sea. Even after the battle, Errinorne Isle remained under Thrassian control for several decades until it was eventually taken out by the All Flags Navy. It was around this time; the Altmeri Warlock, Syrabane joined the All Flags Navy to sink the Thrassian Archipelago and the Coral Tower. As of now, the Thras Islands have dwindled, leaving few islands including Agonio above the sea.[3][4][5]



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