For the character, see Legate Sadal.

Sadal is a bone colossus that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. He is one of the Brothers of Strife, and was imprisoned in the Tormented Spire until Tanval Indoril released him with the Coral Heart, in pursuit of vengeance against the Covenant. Sadal serves as one of the two main antagonists of the Stonefalls region, along with his brother Balreth.


In addition to fire and melee attacks, Sadal summons skeletons to aid him in battle. He also fully restores his health.




  • "Weaklings! You dare to enter my realm?" – During "Sadal's Final Defeat"
  • "Burn. Burn in flames!" – During "Sadal's Final Defeat"
  • "The Nedes are nought but dust and ash. Now you will join them." – During "Sadal's Final Defeat"
  • "Scorch. Scorch and melt." – During "Sadal's Final Defeat"
  • "Stonefalls will burn." – During "Sadal's Final Defeat"
  • "Foolish mortal." – During "Sadal's Final Defeat"
  • "Taste the flames of Oblivion." – During "Sadal's Final Defeat"


  • Like his brother, Sadal is one of the only undead to recover health with the help of fire.


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