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Saetring the Nord: Smith is a shop owned and operated by Saetring, a Nord smith in the Waistworks of Molag Mar, Morrowind.


The smith's goods are on display and can be browsed on the table, shelves, and counter. The owner Saetring, an armored priest named Masque, and a House Redoran guard are all present in the shop, making stealing a rather difficult task to perform undetected here. Saetring has a small key on his person that an unlocks a nearby chest, requiring 80 Security to pick otherwise. Sixteen pieces of leveled armor are contained within. A second locked chest requires 25 security to pick and contains twenty-five gold.

Saetring's bedroom is behind a door across the shop's entrance. A medium armor skill book (36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 33) can be found a table next to the bed. There is a bottle of Cyrodilic Brandy on the shelf and little else of interest here.



  • Merchant – armor, Armorer supplies, weapons
  • Smith


The following items are located in this store:


Potions and Beverages:






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