Not to be confused with Safia or Safir.
"Nothing like a good adventure or romance to lose yourself in."


Saffir is a Redguard woman who lives in Whiterun with her family.


Saffir is the wife of Amren and the mother of Braith. She has no social options, but does assist in the initiation of the quest "Amren's Sword."

Besides her argument with Amren, she almost always stays inside telling the Dragonborn about her obsession with books.



In My Time of NeedEdit

"Nothing like a good adventure or romance to lose yourself in."

Did you know some Alik'r warriors are looking for a Redguard woman? "The who? I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Back to my book..."


Amren's swordEdit

Saffir: "I know your family's honor is important to you, but we can't afford it!"
Amren: "It took me weeks to find that thieves' den. I can't stop now, and I can't get the sword on my own."
Saffir: "So you're willing to starve your wife and daughter to reclaim some rusty old sword?"
Amren: "I just need to hire one, maybe two good men. You won't starve."
Saffir: "I'll put it plainly. You can claim your sword, or you can keep your wife. If you set foot outside the gate, I won't be here when you return."
Amren: ""Saffir! Wait... I...."

Not nowEdit

Braith: "Mother? Can I talk to you?"
Saffir: "Not now, Braith."
Braith: "But..."
Saffir: "Not now, Braith."

Ask your fatherEdit

Braith: "Mother?"
Saffir: "What?"
Braith: "I wanted to ask you something. It's about a boy..."
Saffir: "Not now, Braith. Go... go ask your father."


  • "I import books whenever I can. Most Nord works are too bawdy and violent for my tastes."
  • "My daughter Braith says I read too much. "Play with me, mother!" Girls need to learn how to take care of themselves."
  • "Really, I wish my girl would read more. It would certainly keep her out of all those fights."
  • "Excuse me, but I'm trying to read."
  • "Damn it, I lost my page..."
  • "Back to my book..."
  • "I just want to go home and read."
  • "If you'll excuse me, I really just want to get home."


  • She will send hired thugs if the Dragonborn kills her husband or steals from her


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